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So much thanks and acknowledgement is due to so many people that have helped me on this journey.

First, and foremost, my wife, Laura, for her encouragement, and for allowing me to spend the time pursuing this dream.

My children, Emily, Liza, and Mike, and grandchildren Brayden, Ashton, and Rylee for being my main inspiration in my music and in my life.

Also my nephew, Jeremy Hoenig, an amazing musician, who encouraged me to record my music.

And Mike Thompson, also an amazing musician and producer who taught me so much about recording.

Special thanks to Gordon Stevens of Open Path Music Studios for accepting the project.

Lastly, Tim Volpicella, my producer at Open Path Music Studio, who has kept this project moving forward, and has taught me, by his professionalism, what it takes to be called a musician and an artist.